Who We Are

More than a tour, this is an adventure for travelers who want to experience Israel a little off the beaten path. Whether you are a first time visitor or not, get ready to tour Israel with other women and have an experience like no other!

The focus of the tour is women.  See Israel from a woman’s point of view.  Meet and interact with women in Israel from varied walks of life.  This trip is secular and non-denominational.  We will be active 7 days a week.

This tour is limited to 20 wonderful women. 2015 was a sell-out year!

This tour is geared to active women between the ages of 40 – 75 with a wide range of interests. Be it physical activity, hiking, nature, cultural events, history, intellectual challenges, archaeology, or architecture, there is something for everyone.

We’ll shop, but it’s not a shopping trip.  We’ll eat incredibly well, but it’s not a tour of restaurants.  We’ll stay in beautiful hotels and travel in comfort but we’ll keep busy and fill our time with rich experiences.

Paula Perlmutar Oretsky – Tour Leader

After 35 years of teaching, I have entered into a new venture. From the time I graduated university and strapped on a knapsack, I’ve been on the move whenever possible: South-east Asia, Europe, Central America, North Africa, Asia, U.S.A. and Canada. I lived and taught in Israel for 3 ½ years and have made more than 15 trips back with my family. Not only do I visit friends and family, but I always find more to explore. Israel never disappoints. What I love is the juxtaposition of the ancient and the new, Middle Eastern and Western, and the mundane mixed with the exotic.

My dream was to lead a women’s tour to Israel so that women from around the world could experience the richness and beauty of  Israel as I have over the years. My dream was realized on the inaugural Red Tent Tour and the tour was a resounding success.  I have personally planned the itinerary, and sought out the professionals to bring it all together. That’s what makes this tour unique; it is not affiliated with any organization, it’s just about cultural experiences that women enjoy and find meaningful.

In a search for a travel agency that would fit the needs of this trip, I was able to connect to Idit Papular, an Israeli by birth and experienced travel agent who works with an agency that specializes in tours to Israel, and a great person. Idit can answer any of your travel concerns and is available to book your tour.

I can’t wait to travel with you!    


rachela, mt zion

Rachela Dotan, Tour Guide

I’m pleased to introduce Rachela Dotan, tour guide extraordinaire.  She’s everything that a women’s tour could want.

Rachela was born in Haifa, Israel and has a strong love of her land.  She speaks 5 languages and conducts tours in either English or Hebrew.  Rachela  has been a licensed tour guide with the Israel Tourism Ministry since 1997.  In 2014, she completed a Christianity course to upgrade her skills.  Rachela continues to learn, not just to teach.  She has seemingly endless amounts of information to share.

Rachela’s knowledge, experience and spirited personality make her the ideal tour guide to travel with a group of women who seek to learn as they explore and have a great time.


Rachela leading the group
Old City, Jerusalem



Rachela and Red Tent group
atop Mt. Arbel, Galilee