Who We Are

More than a tour, this is an adventure for travelers who want to experience Israel a little off the beaten path. Whether you are a first time visitor or not, get ready to tour Israel with other women and have an experience like no other!

The focus of the tour is women.  See Israel from a woman’s point of view.  Meet and interact with women in Israel from varied walks of life.  This trip is secular and non-denominational.  We will be active 7 days a week.

This tour is limited to 20 wonderful women. 2014 was a sell-out year and spots will be limited again in 2015.

This tour is geared to active women between the ages of 40 – 70 with a wide range of interests. Be it physical activity, hiking, nature, cultural events, history, intellectual challenges, archaeology, or architecture, there is something for everyone.

We’ll shop, but it’s not a shopping trip.  We’ll eat incredibly well, but it’s not a tour of restaurants.  We’ll stay in beautiful hotels and travel in comfort but we’ll keep busy and fill our time with rich experiences.

Paula Perlmutar Oretsky – Tour Leader

After 35 years of teaching, I have entered into a new venture. From the time I graduated university and strapped on a knapsack, I’ve been on the move whenever possible: South-east Asia, Europe, Central America, North Africa, Asia, U.S.A. and Canada. I lived and taught in Israel for 3 ½ years and have made more than 15 trips back with my family. Not only do I visit friends and family, but I always find more to explore. Israel never disappoints. What I love is the juxtaposition of the ancient and the new, Middle Eastern and Western, and the mundane mixed with the exotic.

My dream was to lead a women’s tour to Israel so that women from around the world could experience the richness and beauty of  Israel as I have over the years. My dream was realized on the inaugural Red Tent Tour and the tour was a resounding success.  I have personally planned the itinerary, and sought out the professionals to bring it all together. That’s what makes this tour unique; it is not affiliated with any organization, it’s just about cultural experiences that women enjoy and find meaningful.

In a search for a travel agency that would fit the needs of this trip, I was able to connect to Idit Papular, an Israeli by birth and experienced travel agent who works with an agency that specializes in tours to Israel, and a great person. Idit can answer any of your travel concerns and is available to book your tour.

I can’t wait to travel with you!