This tour suits both 1st-time and return visitors

October 2020… Start planning!


More than a tour, this is an adventure for travellers who want to experience Israel a little off the beaten path. Designed with both first time travellers and repeat visitors in mind.  Get ready to tour Israel with other women and have an experience like no other!

The focus of the tour is women.  See Israel from a woman’s point of view.  Meet and interact with women in Israel from varied walks of life.  This trip is secular and non-denominational.  We will be active 7 days a week filling our time with rich experiences


After 35 years of teaching, I entered into a new venture. From the time I graduated university and strapped on a knapsack, I’ve been on the move whenever possible. Having been to Israel more than 25 times, I have personally planned the itinerary, and sought out the professionals to bring it all together. What makes this tour unique is that it is not affiliated with any organization, it’s just about cultural experiences that women enjoy and find meaningful.  

I connected to Idit Papular, an Israeli by birth and experienced travel agent who works with an agency that specializes in tours to Israel, and a great person. Idit can answer any of your travel concerns and is available to book your tour